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how we winter

The new year started on January 1st, 2024. We made resolutions and said "new year new me"!  Did you know that the majority of resolutions fall off after just 3 months? Why is this? Maybe it is because we are attempting to change ourselves and our habits in the dead of winter. A time when the world is blanketed in snow and a soft stillness lies over everything. In Chinese medicine winter is a time of rest and spring is the time of rebirth. In many customs the new year doesn't actually fall until the spring solstice. So what are we meant to be doing right now? We don't pretend to have all the answer but maybe it's rest. But this isn't always easy when 62% of people state that they feel pressured to set resolutions each year on January 1st. What if we set these expectations down for a moment and allowed ourselves a day to examine what winter can look like for us? Rest is not just the physical act of resting but so much more that we will explore together in our one day workshop.

This purpose of this workshop is to embrace winter and everything that it encompasses. Rest, relaxation, hibernation, silence, stillness. Rest does not negate action, it merely allows for more spaciousness and capacity.

what we will do together:

  • explore spaciousness, presence, and rest

  • discuss the seasons and how they impact our systems

  • learn about the interconnectedness of mind and body

  • nourish, nurture, and hold space for our selves

  • uncover our individual practices for winter

Join us on February 17th for an in person workshop with Zoe Hays and Arianne Noble.

More dates to come!

Info below!

Feel free to reach out with questions!

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How to sign up

Email Arianne & Zoe

Include: name, pronouns, phone number, email, why you are interested in this topic, any allergies/food intolerances, accommodations needed.



Date: Feb 17

Time: 10am-5pm

(with breaks)

Location: Boulder

Cost: $175 - sliding scale spots available

ND/Queer/Fat/Disability affirming space

All are welcome. Come as you are.

Meet US

Stay Tuned

More events, workshops, talks, and teachings to come! Online and in person in Boulder, CO.

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